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Splitting atoms in XNU

Posted by Ian Beer, Google Project Zero TL;DRA locking bug in the XNU virtual memory subsystem allowed violation of the preconditions required for the correctness of an optimized virtual memory operation. This was abused to create shared memory where it wasn't expected, allowing the creation of a time-of-check-time-of-use bug where one wouldn't usually exist. This was exploited to cause a heap overflow in XPC, which was used to trigger the execution of a jump-oriented payload which chained together arbitrary function calls in an unsandboxed root process, even in the presence of Apple's implementation of ARM's latest Pointer Authentication Codes (PAC) hardware mitigation. The payload opened a privileged socket and sent the file descriptor back to the sandboxed process, where it was used to trigger a kernel heap overflow only reachable from outside the sandbox.
Exploit for iOS 12.0 on iPhone Xs . Part I: A virtual memory bugWhat's in your space?Most operating systems ma…